Mice, Rats and other Rodent Extermination & Removal

Rodents can render a home unlivable!

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Do you have rats, mice, an occasional raccoon or possum? If so, you can count on Guardian Pest Control in Stanwood, Washington to keep your home safe from any intruders with our rodent control services. Let us protect your property.

It’s important to look out for signs of possible active infestations of rats or mice. These rodents can harbor and transfer many disease including bubonic plague, salmonella and rat-bite fever, so it’s vital to eradicate them as soon as possible.

Here’s a new tips as to what to look for:

Gnaw marks. New gnawing or holes tend to be rough whereas old gnawing is smooth from wear.
Droppings. Fresh droppings are soft and moist whereas old droppings are dried and hard.
Tracks/footprints. Front foot 4-toed and prints in front of usually longer hind print with 5 toes. Fresh tracks are clear and sharp.
Rub Marks, or dark greasy markings on vertical surfaces. Fresh marks are soft, greasy and easily smeared whereas old marks are with the grease dry and flaky. Swing marks often present around rafters.
Burrows, not common, but if present they are shallow. They usually nest in or under vegetation.
Runways. Travel routes may not be apparent outside because they may travel along fences or on overhead power or telephone lines. Indoors, they usually move along walls, stacked merchandise, etc. Active runways with greasy appearance, free of dust and cobwebs, with fresh track and/or droppings.
Damaged goods. Roof rats prefer fruits, vegetables, and cereal whereas Norway rats prefer meat, fish and cereal.
If you notice any of the above signs in your home then it is time to call Guardian Pest Control. We specialize in the removal of any unwanted rodents from your home.

Rodent Proofing is an extremely important. You can trap and/or bait the rodents you have in your home, but you need to make sure that MORE RODENTS DON’T GET INTO YOUR HOME this is Rodent Proofing.

Rodent Proofing Consists Of:

1) A complete inspection of the exterior and interior of the structure noting all active and non-active Rodent access points, some of the entry point can be as small as the size of a dime.

2) All noted access points are then sealed up with use of one or more of the following: wire mesh, expanding foam, coil stock, wire screening material, sealant, caulk, etc.
Some Common Rodent access points are: A/C lines, water pipe lines, sewer pipe lines, soffit vents, gable vents, fascia, main electric lines, roof vents, door jams, cabinets, crawl access panel, garage vents, garage doors, etc.

For prompt, professional service and always a FREE estimate to eliminate your rat problem call Guardian Pest Control at (425)-775-7106

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