Mouse and Rat Removal

Prior to engaging in any extermination or control methods, it is necessary to properly identify your pest population.

Tips for getting rid of mice and rats in, or around, your home:

mouse controlAll possible food sources and entry points must be identified and eliminated. Human food sources should be kept in metal or glass containers with tight lids. Trashcans should be similarly sealed. Counter tops, sinks and kitchen floors must be kept clean and all possible entry points should be sealed. Cracks, holes and crevices should be sealed with steel or concrete. The open areas around pipes, gas lines and dryer vents should also be sealed. Holes as small as pencil erasers may allow entry and should not be disregarded.

Home extermination techniques vary from traps to repellents and poisons. Some traps are more humane than others. Snap traps may be dangerous for humans and house pets. They also tend to leave unsightly messes. Glue traps are similarly disturbing and mice may be capable of escaping from them. Live traps require homeowners to dispose of captured rodents. Electronic traps are a preferred method of small-scale elimination, but no traps are efficient in handling full-blown infestations.

Poisons may be more effective than traps. However, they are also toxic to humans. Children and house pets are often made extremely ill by ingestion of poison. Furthermore, affected rodents often retreat to die in areas that are inaccessible by humans. The resulting smells are unpleasant and difficult to address.

Mice infestations are troublesome and dangerous to humans. Mice feed on human food sources and destroy cartons, paper, boxes and plastic in order to construct their nests. The urine, saliva and feces of some mice may contain viruses and bacteria, such as salmonella and Hantavirus. It is therefore necessary to exterminate any mouse infestation.

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