Bird Control & Large Bird Population Removal

Industrial & Commercial Buildings - Airports - Parks - Grain Facilities - Rail Yards


As one of the only licensed providers of a non-lethal, live bird capture and removal system in the U.S., Guardian Pest Control offers a number of bird control and bird removal options.

Some of the clients we've worked for include:

Additional Services Offered

Guardian Pest Control in Stanwood Washington, offers bird control and removal services for Starlings, Pigeons, Crows, or any other nusiance birds throughout the United States.

"Net Capture Systems"
We offer an exclusive safe and humane technique. We are the only Licensed Company in the USA to provide this type of service! We provide this service for large bird populations that gather in or around grain mills, rail yards, airports, and other commercial properties.

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Guardian Pest Control Offers:
• Bird Control
• Bird Removal
• Bird Exclusion
• Bird Netting



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